Heritage Villas Valriche incorporates a Homeowners Association to handle security, maintenance and estate management. These include the services that villa owners will receive in return for the monthly levies and charges they pay to the Homeowners Association. These charges include common and individual charges as well as resort access and membership fees.

  • common charges at villas valriche

Common Charges

  • 24/7 estate security and utilities
  • Maintenance of commonly landscaped areas
  • Maintenance of roads and infrastructures
  • Waste collection in the common areas
  • Water and electricity for the common areas

Individual charges

  • Maintenance and cleaning of swimming pool
  • Private garden maintenance
  • Private golf cart basic routine maintenance (repairs and parts excluded)
  • Routine pest control visits and selected treatments
  • Maintenance of external wall paintwork
  • Periodic full external wall repainting
  • External timber treatment (pergolas etc.)
  • Villa daily waste collection
  • Individuals charges at villas valriche
  • Heritage Resorts fees

Heritage Resort fees

These enable privileged access to and special discount at:

  • Heritage C-Beach Club
  • 5-star Heritage Le Telfair – member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World
  • 5-star Heritage Awali

Heritage Golf Club

  • Privileged access to Heritage Golf Club
  • Access to preferential rates with additional membership fee
  • heritage golf club lifestyle
  • Resorts facilities

Resort facilities* 


  • Lease of exclusive Heritage Villas Valriche Beach and Sport facilities


* Applicable once Phase 1 of facilities completed