Since early 2016, buying a residence at Heritage Villas Valriche entitles new owners to become members of the luxury concierge service, Quintessentially for a full year.

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With an established presence in over 60 cities worldwide and staff speaking 35 different languages, Quintessentially is the world’s leading members-only concierge club, providing personalised service through dedicated Lifestyle Managers who are on hand 24/7/365.


This level of service means that the Lifestyle Managers get to know their clients and their preferences and offer a high degree of proactivity in terms of access to events and insider information.

Heritage Villas Valriche owners enjoy the unique and personalised services of this renowned luxury concierge brand both locally and internationally.


Quintessentially offers a broad range of refined services, including sourcing a top chef for the Mauritian home, contacting a doctor anywhere in the world, organising journeys and excursions, ordering the latest limited-edition accessory from an exclusive leather brand by express delivery or even procuring an invitation to the private parties at the Cannes Film Festival.


Quintessentially knows how to make things happen!

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The Lifestyle Managers excellent knowledge of Mauritius and their well-established relationships and contacts significantly ease Heritage Villas Valriche owners’ lives on the island.