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Availability, attention and dynamism are the watchwords of the Heritage Villas Valriche team!

Heritage Villas Valriche has been integrated since 1 July 2020 into Rogers, one of the largest conglomerates in Mauritius. Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre (CSBO), now Agrïa – the real estate and agribusiness arm of the Group, continues to develop the South-West of Mauritius in an environmentally friendly and inclusive manner. Agrïa is the owner and curator of the entire 2,500 hectares of Heritage Bel Ombre, which houses the real estate development of Heritage Villas Valriche as well as Heritage Golf Club, Heritage Le Telfair Golf  Wellness Resort, Heritage Awali Golf &  Spa Resort and Heritage C Beach Club, among others, over an area of approximately 210 hectares.

Anton De Waal
Anton has been the CEO of Heritage Villas Valriche, overseeing all activities since its establishment. He holds a master’s degree in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Cape Town. Early in his career, he held senior positions in the real estate and marketing sectors in South Africa. He has been an owner at Heritage Villas Valriche for several years.
Christophe Piquet
(Head of Sales and Marketing)
Our new Sales and Marketing Manager leads the marketing and sales function both locally and internationally. Christophe is an enthusiastic and attentive professional who is highly committed to helping you discover Bel Ombre and the intoxicating landscapes that will make you want to spend your life there. Christophe and his team will assist you in finding a property to meet your expectations.
Jean-Michel Loustau-Lalanne
(Operations Manager)
Jean-Michel is a graduate in business management from the Association of Business Executives. He started his career as deputy manager of the plant and equipment service centre at General Construction Co. Ltd. before taking up the position of Production and Supply Chain Manager at Forges Tardieu Co. Ltd. Jean Michel also worked as Quality and Operations Manager at ENL Property from March 2017 to January 2019 before his appointment as Customer Relations and Quality Assurance Manager in February 2019, and subsequently Operations Manager at Heritage Villas Valriche from July 2020.
Louisa Loustau-Lalanne
(Home Configuration and Finishing Consultant)
Louisa joined the Heritage Villas Valriche team over 10 years ago to advise buyers, optimise villa designs and ensure coherent space design. Louisa uses her beautiful smile and 20 years of industry experience to walk you through your needs: room makeovers, new furniture, modern lighting, premium materials, harmonious colours, et. You certainly can rely on Louisa!
Mathieu Duez
(Marketing and Communication Officer)
Mathieu has recently brought his positive attitude and cheerfulness to our team. He previously worked in a communication agency. A social media enthusiast, he will be our communication mogul, overseeing our online presence and ensuring our brand guidelines are adhered to. He will also contribute to our events and content creation projects.
Anne-Claire LAM
(Real Estate Consultant)
Anne-Claire has worked for renowned companies. At Solis 360, she was responsible for key accounts and markets such as South Africa, France and Spain. At Tamarina Golf & Spa Boutique Hotel, she was responsible for regional markets and led the redesign of the hotel’s identity. We are happy to work with Anne-Claire to promote our collection of prestigious villas in exceptional natural settings, with panoramic views over the Indian Ocean and our golf courses. With her skills and expertise in real estate, Anne-Claire helps our clients find their dream home in Mauritius.
Nicholas Larhubarbe
(Customer Service Officer)
Nicholas joined us in 2008 as Revenue Controller and is currently working as Account Manager. He is responsible for a portfolio of clients, follows-up on delivery of villas and is their direct point of contact with the developer. Nicholas coordinates the different tasks with the Operations Manager, the Project Manager and the contractors.
Wendy Hin Chan
(Customer Relationship Officer)
Wendy Hin Chan joined the dynamic team of Villas Valriche in 2007, stepping into different roles as Administrative Officer, Customer Relations Executive/Representative since the start of the project. She is customer-focused and committed to providing front-line support to our future owners throughout the acquisition process until delivery of their dream residences at Heritage Villas Valriche. She also assists our residents in moving their belongings and lovely pets to Mauritius. Her dedication, experience and enthusiasm make Wendy an exceptional team member.
Dorice Ng Ping Man
(Customer Relationship Manager and CEO's Executive Assistant)
Dorice is the face of our business at Heritage Villas Valriche! She is constantly in touch with villa owners and potential buyers and liaises between our different services and investors through various communication channels.
Anouskha Coureur
(Administrative Officer)
Anouskha is an organised and meticulous woman. She used to work in the maritime prior to joining our team. Despite being quiet by nature, she is ready for any challenge and puts a lot of effort in her work. We are delighted to have her on board !
Jean-Luc Gungurum
(Client Project Manager)
Jean-Luc has extensive experience in the construction industry and provides valuable support to Jean-Michel Loustau-Lalanne on the operational side as a Client Project Manager. A graduate in civil engineering from the Institut Supérieur de Technologie in collaboration with the University of Limoges, he joined the team in June 2022. He started his career as a Building Technician with General Construction Co. Ltd in 2006 before taking up the position of Site Manager at Cogir for the implementation of Heritage Villas Valriche Phase 2 from 2012 to 2015. Jean-Luc has also managed other projects such as the renovation of Preskil and Maritim hotels, as well as the construction of apartments in Helvetia, Moka and So’flo shopping mall in Floréal.
James Hung
(IT Officer)
James joined Heritage Villas Valriche in 2008 after working in the distribution, BPO and hospitality sectors for some leading local and international groups. He is currently the point of contact for all the IT/Application & Telecommunication Systems of the company. Our cyber-savvy colleague and computer expert will win you over with his discreet personality and highly professional approach. James loves Heritage Villas Valriche so much that he travels miles to get to work every day.
Jean-François Lecordier
(Operations Officer)
Are you familiar with AutoCAD? Jean-François knows this computer-aided drawing software like the back of his hand. In other words, all our plots of land have been designed by him !
Olivier Jaggoo
(Private Chauffeur)
Olivier is the first person you will meet from Heritage Villas Valriche at the airport. He is always attentive to our guests and will ensure that your trip ends smoothly and seamlessly. Olivier is very open-minded and knowledgeable about Mauritius, and will be your first guide on your way to our beautiful estate.
Josiane Colas
(Team Welfare Officer)
Josiane is the face of Valriche’s 5-star service. She will cater to all your requirements during your meetings with our sales or operations team. You are definitely going to fall under Josiane’s spell.
Mayuhree Unnuth
(Accounting Assistant)
Previously employed by the Rogers Group, Mayuhree has brought her ability to work with numbers to our team. She is a smiling and jovial character who grew up in the South of Mauritius. She knows the region very well and enjoys it especially for its natural beauty. Mayuhree will guide you with all financial matters.
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