4 good reasons to relocate to Mauritius

Mauritius is a dream destination for tourists and expatriates alike. It is also an ideal destination for expatriation. The island provides a number of advantages to local and foreign residents. If you are uncertain about moving to Mauritius here are four good reasons to consider it more seriously.

1. Mauritius, a superior quality of life

Living in Mauritius is like living in Europe – or even better. The road network provides access to all major centres and you can reach the other side of the island within an hour and a half. No matter where you are, everything is within easy reach, especially to European people, including public hospitals, private clinics, primary and secondary schools, and shopping centres.Even the smallest villages have their own corner shop for quick shopping. Expatriates who relocate to Mauritius also agree that the quality of life plays an important role. After a day’s work, the sea and a beautiful sunset are just a short drive away. Various activities are available and every weekend feels like a holiday year-round on this island that is popular among foreigners for its tropical sun and pleasant climate.

2. Mauritius, a favourable tax system

Mauritius is one of the most tax-efficient countries in the world. The tax advantages available have been designed to attract foreign investment while complying with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards. The income and value added tax (VAT) rates are both a flat 15%. There is also no dividend or inheritance tax. In order to enjoy these advantages, you must be a tax resident, i.e. a residence permit holder who has stayed in the country for at least 183 days in any tax year. Mauritius has double taxation agreements with various countries, including the UK, France and South Africa. This encourages residents of these countries to immerse themselves into a tropical island lifestyle, which comes with a number of tax benefits or at least purchase a second home that may be exempt from taxation in certain countries!

3. Mauritius, employment opportunities

Whether you are looking for a job or business opportunities, Mauritius is a prime destination for you to work abroad with a bilingual population, a strategic location at the crossroads of the main continents and efficient air and sea connectivity to the world’s major cities. You can apply for an Occupation Permit as a professional with a minimum salary of MUR 60,000 (less than EUR 1,500) or MUR 30,000 (EUR 660) in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), a sector where the workforce is in high demand on the island. You may also apply as a foreign investor who wishes to set up a business in Mauritius.

4. Mauritius, investment opportunities for foreigners

Besides investing through a company or relocating as an employee, you can also invest in property in Mauritius through Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS) like Heritage Villas Valriche, among others. This property acquisition programme has been set up by the Government of Mauritius jointly with the Board of Investment (BOI), now the Economic Development Board (EDB). Since 2002, it enables foreigners to purchase a freehold villa or land in Mauritius and obtain a residence permit. The owner of an IRS villa and his family may thus reside in Mauritius while enjoying a world-class property and a variety of leisure activities offered by the IRS development.

Buying a property at Heritage Villas Valriche in Bel Ombre gives you access to IRS benefits, including a residence permit for you, your spouse and your dependent children under the age of 24, an occupation permit, Mauritian tax residency subject to certain conditions and an interesting capital appreciation (26% on average) in the event of resale. As a foreigner, it is also the only way for you to purchase a freehold plot of land and build your dream house on an amazing island. Additionally, you will enjoy all the privileges of Domaine de Bel Ombre, including access to the golf course, your private beach club – the C Beach Club –, two 5-star beachfront resorts, 12 restaurants, 6 bars and 2 spas, which can all be accessed by golf cart.

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