Relocating to Mauritius with your family

Have you ever dreamed of leaving everything behind to start a new life on an island with your family? Many families choose to relocate every year to enjoy a simple and peaceful life.

Mauritius is home to many families originating mainly from France, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and South Africa. They all want to lead a more fulfilling life in the tropics, with all the related benefits for their family.

However, relocating to another country is a project that must be carefully prepared, especially when it implies moving with the whole family. The children must be part of the decision-making process and steps to be taken in order to make them feel as involved as possible in preparing this new life.

One thing’s for sure: upon arrival, adults and children alike are quickly enticed by the sights and experiences they find on the island. It is an ideal place to grow up, develop and live as a family! Here are just a few of the many things you can explore and enjoy with your children in Mauritius.

A simple and peaceful life with your family

Mauritius offers a simpler and more peaceful lifestyle than in Europe or even in other countries like South Africa. You will wake up every day in a heavenly place, surrounded by scenic nature, with a pleasant year-round climate. The people are friendly and welcoming, and you also feel safe. This is a real morale booster for the entire family.

International schools for your children

There is an efficient education system, including a range of private international schools. The population is bilingual, and classes are taught in both English and French regardless of the system. Many expats have chosen to call the Mauritius home, which allows local and foreign children alike to open up to the world and develop their global culture from their small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

A rich and beautiful cultural diversity

This cultural diversity is not only reflected among expats, Mauritius is at the crossroads of Creole, European, Indian, Chinese and Muslim cultures. Colourful Tamil and Hindu temples sit next to other places of worship like churches, mosques and pagodas all over the island. There are various religious and cultural festivals with public holidays that allow you to enjoy long weekends regularly. Mauritian cuisine also abounds in influences that have gradually shaped the island, which enjoys broad appeal with expat families.

The feeling of being on holiday all year round

Living in Mauritius allows you to enjoy a pleasant climate in summer and winter alike. It means having access to the beach on weekends, public holidays and even after work and school to enjoy a beautiful sunset with your family. Apart from the coastal scenery, you will easily get used to the constant feeling of escape inspired by the mountains and sugarcane fields, which will give you endless enjoyment.

Various activities for families and children

There are countless opportunities for extracurricular experiences for children, whether in-school activities or recreational pursuits and sports like horse riding, dance, tennis and more. Sports can be played outdoors all year round and nature walks with the family are very popular with locals and expats alike. Le Pouce Mountain is accessible to children and is one of the many places with a panoramic view of the North and Centre of the island. Boat trips are also available to explore the small surrounding islands and enjoy the turquoise blue sea.

Mauritius is a true haven for families!

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