Preparing your move to Mauritius with your family

You have finally decided and are ready to move to a new country with your family. Best of all, you have chosen the island lifestyle and heavenly setting of Mauritius to settle down with your children – you certainly made the right choice!

However, moving to another country should not be taken lightly and it is important to be well prepared so that all family members feel comfortable in their new life.

First, you must know what to expect once you have settled in your new country. This part is rather obvious, because Mauritius is simply a heavenly place with beautiful landscapes, a pleasant climate and nice weather, various activities, cultural diversity, culinary wealth, welcoming people and a simple way of life, among others. There are many advantages and it is rather easy to immerse yourself in this lifestyle. Isn’t it?

Here are a few tips to prepare more effectively for your big move to Mauritius.

Residence permit for the family

First and foremost, you need a residence permit for you and your family. If this step has not yet been taken, it is important to do so to enable you to start your new life in Mauritius soon.

You may obtain a residence permit through securing an Occupation Permit (i) if you have a contract of employment with a company; (ii) as a self-employed if you want to start a freelance business; or (iii) as an investor if you intend to set up a business in Mauritius.

Foreigners are also eligible for a permanent residence permit in Mauritius through the purchase of property. Schemes like the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) and PDS (Property Development Scheme) are designed to enable non-citizens to become freehold property owners. The residence permit gives access to an Occupation Permit and it is therefore important to find out about the process beforehand. Heritage Villas Valriche is an IRS development and you are entitled to an Occupation Permit for every USD 375,000 invested. To be more specific, the purchase of an off-plan VEFA villa worth $1.5m will give you access to 4 main residence permits, each valid for a spouse and children under the age of 24.

Heritage Villas Valriche will take care of all the paperwork required for you and your family to obtain the various permits.

For more information about our properties, please contact us.

For more information about residence permit options, please visit the Economic Development Board (EDB) website.


The main towns on the island are served by bus and Metro Express lines. However, cars remains the most efficient transport mode. When moving to Mauritius with your family, it is highly recommended to find a car before arriving or at least enquire about available options. There are many car dealerships on the island as well as quality online resale platforms to purchase a car at a lower cost.


Mauritius has various bilingual international schools, which is ideal to learn languages and develop children’s global culture. These schools are private and applications must be made before settling in to secure your children’s admission for the next school year. There are also public schools based on the British system, but expats generally prefer international schools for the worldwide recognition of diplomas. It also ensures a smoother transition in case of a move or return to their home country.


Many expats appreciate the availability of fresh produce in Mauritius, including fruit and vegetables, as well as fish that you can buy from local fishermen. A number of products available in supermarkets are imported and are therefore more expensive than in Europe, for example. This is why buying fruit and vegetables at the market quickly becomes a habit when moving to Mauritius. You will also quickly save money on other items of daily life. There are plenty of supermarkets and local shops on the island, making it easier to stock up and organise your shopping.


Moving from your home country usually means a change in social security coverage. Depending on where you come from, it is important to inquire about the cover available for families living abroad. There are many insurance companies in Mauritius offering standard and customised health, housing, motor and other types of insurance. You are advised to seek information and choose your insurance company prior to arriving in order to quickly start the procedures once in the country. The CFE (Caisse des Français à l’Etranger) is also present in Mauritius.

You may seek guidance from local consultants to facilitate administrative procedures This will help you deal with a thorny issue and get a little closer to living an exciting, sun-soaked life in Mauritius!

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